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Alter Database

The Alter Database component empowers users to scale up and scale down the compute resources allocated to an operation to better control performance and cost of operations.

Users can "scale out" for better performance, or "scale back" to save costs. To learn more, read Manage compute in Azure Synapse Analytics data warehouse.

Users must have the following permissions to perform scaling:

  • Microsoft.Sql/servers/read
  • Microsoft.Sql/servers/write
  • Microsoft.Sql/servers/databases/read
  • Microsoft.Sql/servers/databases/write

Users must also ensure that they are connected to the database they wish to scale—users can confirm this in the Matillion ETL Edit Environment wizard.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Operation = drop-down

Select the alteration operation. Currently the only available operation is Scale.

Service Objective = drop-down

Select the desired compute resource allocation to scale up or scale down to. To learn more, read Data Warehouse Units.

If the database has a cap allocated to it, Matillion ETL will fail and provide an error message if users try to scale out to an allocation higher than the cap.

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