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Manage connections


Matillion ETL allows multiple connections to the same node. Each connection is assigned an ID, so that each user can see what other connections are doing within the node (i.e. which Job they are editing). For more information on this type of collaboration within Matillion ETL, read Project Collaboration.

A list of such connections can be found through the Manage Connections dialog: click Help and then click Manage Connections.

Help → Manage Connections

Each connected user is listed in the Manage Connections dialog. Metadata includes the user's username and their current Job. Clicking Refresh will update the list. A user can be removed by another user when clicking the X button in the corresponding row of a user in the End column.

Connections list


Users cannot remove themselves from the node within the Manage Connections dialog.

In the example below, a user is being removed.

When the X button is clicked, the corresponding user receives a 10-second warning and can maintain their connection if they opt to cancel the disconnection within the 10 seconds. Thus, Manage Connections is a useful feature for ending any idle connections to free up connection slots for other users.

Disconnection warning countdown

If the 10-second countdown completes without the user cancelling the disconnection, the user is disconnected with the following message:

Disconnection confirmation

These disconnects do not hold any lasting effect. The disconnected user can immediately refresh their page to attempt to reconnect with no penalty.