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Running Matillion ETL jobs with Unlimited Scale


This topic covers running orchestration and transformation jobs in Matillion ETL with unlimited scale enabled.


  • You must have signed up to a new Hub account.
  • Your Matillion ETL instance your Snowflake environment should be configured as usual.
  • Snowflake passwords

Hub login

  1. Click Hub Login in the upper-right of the user interface. You'll be redirected to Hub to log in to your new Hub account.
  2. Upon logging in to your Hub account, the login window will close and you will be redirected to your Matillion ETL instance.
  3. The Hub Login button will now be a Choose Agent button. Click it, and choose a running agent.

:::info{title='Note'} Read Create an agent to learn how to create an agent if you don't have one yet. :::

Running a job with Unlimited Scale

  1. Once you have an orchestration job or a transformation job on the canvas, right-click the canvas and choose Run Job using Agent. Alternatively, right-click on a job in the chosen project on the left of the UI, and choose Run Job using Agent.
  2. The Publish Job to Hub dialog will open, displaying a manifest of jobs to run via checkbox.
  3. Check the box of any job you intend to run. If your orchestration job includes Run Transformation components, the corresponding transformation jobs will be included in the manifest.
  4. Select the Root job. The root job is the initial calling job (that is, the job you began Run Job in Agent from.) The root job can only be an orchestration job (not a transformation job).
  5. Select the Matillion ETL environment to run the job in. By default, the currently selected Matillion ETL environment will be used.
  6. Click OK.
  7. The Run Job in Agent dialog will provide a status update for publishing the jobs.
  8. Click Run.
  9. After a few seconds, the task will appear in the Agent Tasks tab as a running job.

Agent task history

To view agent task history, click ProjectAgent Task History.