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The word on the street at Data Cloud Summit 24

Are you excited about Snowflake's generative AI service, Cortex? So are we! And we're also excited to announce that using our five new transformation components, you can quickly get real value going straight to the AI capabilities you need, whether it's general-purpose responses to prompts, sentiment scores, summarization, or translation.

Here are the new components that support Snowflake Cortex large language model (LLM) operations for Snowflake projects:

Cortex AI components

The LLM and AI excitement continues to build

If scalability, portability, and security are important to you, then you'll be happy to learn that our Snowpark Container Prompt is now available in public preview. This orchestration component lets you host your large language models within your Snowpark Container Services.

We've added Amazon Bedrock as an embedding provider and added Titan Embeddings G1 - Text as an embedding model for six AI components: OpenAI Prompt, AzureOpenAI Prompt, Amazon Bedrock Prompt, Snowpark Container Prompt, Pinecone Vector Query, Pinecone Vector Upsert.