Pipeline portability is no April Fool's joke… Export/import is really here!

DesignerNew features 🎉

Here's a nice boost for your data productivity: you can now export and import your pipelines between projects. And this new feature is just as easy to use as you would expect it to be—just click the ellipsis on a pipeline in your pipeline folder tree.

You can also export and import an entire pipeline folder, including all the pipelines and subfolders it contains, or export and import the entire project including all folders and pipelines within it.

It's so useful and yet so simple; let's get sharing!

"With our new import and export capability, data engineers can easily reuse and adapt code from existing projects, saving time and effort when building new pipelines in Matillion. In addition, the ability to share logic with colleagues promotes knowledge exchange, collaboration and, as organizations scale, offers the ability to build collections of templates and boilerplate projects, boosting productivity when getting started on new use cases."

— Sarah Waters, Principal Product Owner at Matillion

Export/import pipelines

Read the documentation for more details.