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Enhanced Designer and Batch Pipelines with New Functionalities and Connectors!

Designer Data Loader New features 🎉Improvements 🔧

This week we've rolled out of several updates enhancing both the Designer and batch pipelines. From added support for different source types and database components to new connectors, here's a detailed look at the recent enhancements.

Designer Boosts

  • Data Transfer Enhancement: The Data Transfer component in the Designer now supports SFTP as a source type, broadening your options for secure data transfer.
  • Oracle Integration: Oracle has been added as a supported database type in the Database Query and RDS Query components, opening up new avenues for data extraction and manipulation.
  • Multi-line Secret Values Support: Users of Full SaaS, Matillion hosted projects can now include multi-line secret values when creating secret definitions, adding an extra layer of security and flexibility.
  • Scheduling Made Easy: We've included an 'Add schedule' call-to-action button in the Designer UI, making the navigation to the 'Create a new schedule' menu straightforward.
  • Streamlined Cloud Credentials Association: Now, you can associate newly created cloud credentials to an environment in one workflow, simplifying the setup and management process.
  • Git ‘Hard Reset' Functionality: A new "hard reset" option for Git in Designer allows users to reset their branch to the last local commit, enhancing version control.
  • In addition to these, the Google Ads Query component has joined the Designer's component family, offering tailored functionalities for extracting and handling Google Ads data.

Batch Pipelines Connector

Amplitude now has a connector in Data Loader's batch pipelines. Easily connect to Amplitude and pull in one or more data sources straight to data warehouse tables.