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Enhancements in Batch Pipelines, Hub, and CDC Agent!

Data Loader Agents Hub New features 🎉

We're excited to roll out our latest features and improvements to the Data Productivity Cloud. Here's what's new and improved in batch pipelines, Hub, and CDC agent.

Batch Pipelines Connectors

We've introduced new Flex connectors - Brevo, Delighted, and Toggl for use in Data Loader's batch pipelines. Flex connectors bring the best of both worlds with out-of-the-box connectivity as well as being customisable and expandable.

Hub Features

For our registered Hub customers with Account and User Administrator privileges, you now have the flexibility to edit the Account name and Subdomain name directly. We've also enhanced the Pipeline Observability dashboard to include visibility into Data Loader Batch pipeline runs. Plus, to make diagnosing issues simpler, pipeline error messages will now be prominently displayed at the top of the Pipeline run details page.

CDC Agent Improvements

We've updated the CDC agent to version 2.87.8. A new transformation type, "Copy Table With Soft Deletes," has been introduced for pipelines with Snowflake as a destination. We've also fixed an issue with Snowflake role names and improved connection reuse for enhanced performance and reliability when using Snowflake as a destination. For more information on agents see the documentation.