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Navigating Hub

Platform Navigation lets you quickly access the services and products within the Hub. This menu can be accessed anywhere within the Hub platform.

Accessing platform navigation

Once you're signed into the Hub, you can access the Platform Navigation from the nine-dot menu in the top-left.

Access Hub Navigation

The menu will take you to the following services:

  • Hub: View and manage your account. You will be taken to What do you want to do today?, where you can select a service you require.
  • Designer: Transform and orchestrate your data. For more information, read Designer overview.
  • Data loader: Directs you to the Data Loader dashboard, where you can create and manage Batch and CDC pipelines. For more information, read Batch Pipeline UI, and CDC Pipeline UI, respectively.
  • Pipeline Observability: View pipeline run history, and view a list of your Matillion ETL instances. From the Instances tab, you can click the Add instance button. For more information, read Pipeline Observability, and Matillion ETL instance creation, respectively.
  • Credit Usage: Will take you directly to the Credit Consumption dashboard, where you can view and monitor your usage consumption. For more information, read Credit consumption dashboard.
  • Need help: Provides quick links to access our Academy, Communities and documentation, and where you can contact support.