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Flex connectors

In Matillion Custom Connector, you can create custom data source connectors to build data pipelines in Data Loader. There are two types of custom connector you can use: a standard customer connector and a Flex connector.

A standard customer connector contains no information and must be configured completely by the user.

A Flex connector is a preconfigured connector that already includes certain authentication options and parameters for a given third-party endpoint. A variety of Flex connectors are available in Data Productivity Cloud for you to use, and are accessed from the Sources tab of the Choose source step of the Add pipeline wizard.

A created Flex connector will be selectable from the Custom Connectors tab after creation.

If a connector is not yet available for the data source you wish to connect to, you will have configure a standard custom connector. Read Custom connector setup to learn more.


When creating a custom connector, you need to know how to authenticate with the service that you wish to extract data from.


Custom Connector only works with REST APIs that return data in JSON format. Custom Connector will display an error when unable to parse the response, such as when receiving XML data.

Add Flex connector

  1. In Data Loader, click Add pipeline
  2. Select the relevant Flex connector from the Sources tab.
  3. Complete the pipeline configuration using the documentation specific to the service.