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Allow-listing IP addresses

You may need to allow-list IP addresses to connect with the Data Productivity Cloud. This article details which addresses different parts of Data Productivity Cloud will require. Contact your network administrator for more information regarding allow-listing IP addresses in your infrastructure.

Data Loader Batch

The following addresses will need to be allow-listed on the data sources to allow inbound connections from Matillion services.

UK and EU region:

US region:

Data Loader CDC

The following must be configured for Data Loader Change Data Capture (CDC) agents to communicate:

  • Allow-list outbound communication on port 443 from the agent container to the Hub, for initiating the websocket connection. The initial connection is from the agent out to the Hub; ongoing communication is then bi-directional, but there is no need to allow-list inbound traffic.
  • The specific endpoints that the agent must communicate with are and


If you're using a Matillion Full SaaS configuration, you may need to allow-list the following IP address ranges from which agents will call out to their source systems or to cloud data platforms. The IP addresses differ between EU and US regions.

UK and EU region:

US region:


When configuring a connection from Matillion ETL to the Hub, allow list the following address:

If you need to allow-list a static IP address, allow the following outbound addresses (on port 443) in your security group:

Full details on connecting Matillion ETL to the Hub are provided in Configuring a connection from Matillion ETL to the Hub.